03 April 2024

California Aero-Univ | Instructor

United States
California Aeronautical University - Bakersfield, CA

This posting is a general posting for our 4 locations. Bakersfield, San Diego, Oxnard, and Mesa, Arizona.

The FAA Certificated Flight Instructor provides flight instruction and ground training to California Aeronautical University (CAU) Flight Students towards private pilot and commercial pilot certification, as well as instrument rating in accordance with CAU’s Part 141/61 courses and training syllabi, and fills all other training needs as assigned by the Chief Flight Instructor. The CFI is responsible to schedule flight students in school’s scheduling system, briefs and de-briefs the flight student; and accurately records completed training lessons. The CFI endorses students accurately and completely and processes weekly activity reports to include assigned student status to Assistant Chief Flight Instructor or Chief Flight Instructor, as applicable. The CFI follows all CAU rules and regulations, to include CAU Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and Flight Information Files (FIF’s) and upholds the philosophy and mission of CAU while instilling a positive and progressive attitude in all employees and students alike.

* FAA Commercial, Single Engine Land
* FAA CFI - Certified Flight Instructor
* FAA First or Second Class Medical


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