18 June 2022

Alerion Aviation | Flight Attendant

New Castle, DE, United States

Contract Flight Attendant Part 135/91
New Castle, DE

Job TypeContractDescription

Alerion Aviation is searching for a person who will demonstrate confidentiality, anonymity, and "ownership of the plane" - meaning that they keep it fully stocked and in immaculate organization and cleanliness. This individual should have a keen sense of responsibility, a command presence and never compromise the safety of the passengers or the flight crew.

A list of responsibilities is summarized, but not limited to the following:

To ensure safety and comfort for all passengers and crew members. Checking all emergency equipment on board the aircraft. Gathering all information related to the trip such as ordering the catering and shopping for the essentials. Loading all catering and stowing it away. Checking all galley equipment and entertainment systems to assure they are in working order. Check the water and lavatories to assure they are in working order. Prepare, heat and serve meals/drinks to passengers

- Must reside within 2 hours of KILG
- Knowledge of Part 91/135 Operations
- High School Diploma or equivalent, some college (preferred)
- Current in Corporate Cabin Attendant Training Certification (Within 24 months)
-Valid CPR Certification

- Must have a valid (unexpired) US passport with the ability to travel in and out of the United States
- Corporate or commercial aviation experience in a cabin attendant capacity ( 2 years minimum)
- Ability to professionally deal with the discerning preferences and demands of a wide variety of clients with various expectations and sensitivities
- Exceptional communication skills
- Must pass all conducted background and security checks and prove eligibility for employment in the United States
- Able to work independently and coordinate exceptional service among passengers and other crew members.

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