01 May 2024

NorthWestern Air Lease LTD | Instructor

Class 1 or 2 Flight Instructor. NorthWestern Air Lease LTD.

Northwestern Air Lease LTD is looking for Full Chief Flight Instructor
(Class 1 or 2) for the Fort Smith NWT Base.

What we offer is the following:

- Monthly Salary of $10,000/Month.
- Charter Flights additional $35/Hour.
- Crew Housing is Provided as well as Transportation by use of Company Crew Car.

- Opportunities to fly the Jetstream are available.
- Company paid Air Fare from your home city.
- There are 20 days assigned on and 5 GDO per month.

We are a family oriented company working a busy flying schedule looking for outstanding people who can be part of our team!

The ideal Candidates would have the following traits:

- Always making safe decisions under ever changing circumstances. We operate in a very difficult weather environment, using sound judgement at all times is mandatory.

- The ability to communicate well and work well with others of all diversity backgrounds in a professional manner at all times.

Please forward your interest to:
Mr. Robert Morin. (Chief Executive Officer)
Hanger 3 Airport Road
Fort Smith, NT X0E 0P0 Canada
Tel: 867-872-2216 Ext: 304 * Cell: 867-872-0889

Email: bmorin@nwal.ca

We welcome applicants from all diverse backgrounds, but only those selected will be contacted for an interview.


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