24 July 2022

MFC Training | Instructor

MFC Training is currently looking for a Class 3 & Class 4 Flight Instructors to join our team in Fredericton, NB!

Duties and Responsibilities:

- Train students in accordance with the Training Manual (TM) and Flight Training Operational Manual (FTOM);

- Assist with Operational Control as per company SOPs, FTOM and TM;

- Accurately record time's for the activity (Briefings, flights, GS, instrument time, cross country times, etc) for accurate talon records;

- Must provide adequate supervision and constructive feedback to students assigned;

- Actively participate in MFC's safety and quality programs;

- Must ensure all licences and required medical is current and you are ready/fit for duty;

- Expected, while on or off duty to conduct yourself in a professional manner that does not negatively affect MFC;

- Other duties as assigned.

Qualifications and Skills:

* Hold a valid commercial, or higher, Pilot License for the category and, as appropriate, the class and type of aircraft in which the flight training is conducted; and
Class 3 or 4 Instructor Rating with any endorsements applicable to the type of flight training provided; and

* When operating in accordance with an operating certificate, know the contents of the air carrier’s operating certificate and operations specifications; and

* Know and understand the applicable Canadian Aviation regulations necessary for the proper and safe performance of their duties; and

* Class 4 instructors must acquire a Class 3 Instructor rating as soon as possible, not to exceed 6 months under normal circumstances.