25 November 2022

AutoZone, Inc. | CL30 Pilot

Memphis, TN, United States


Position Summary

+ Strive to provide Safe, Secure, Efficient and Flexible travel to all customers with a great attitude. Safety, Customer Service, and Operational Excellence will be the driving force behind all Corporate Aviation endeavors.

+ Reports to the Chief Pilot.

+ Responsible to assigned Captain of the flight for the conduct and execution of assigned duties

+ Assists the Captain with discharging safety responsibilities and being prepared to assume the duties of the Pilot in Command.

Key Responsibilities

+ Pilot is responsible for the safe conduct of domestic and international flights.

+ Pilot must ensure compliance with applicable Federal Aviation Regulations, company policies and procedures.

+ Provide excellent customer service to passengers.

+ Comply with schedules and other directives governing the aircraft’s operation.

+ Ensure pre and post flight inspections are performed.

+ Studying weather conditions and NOTAM’s at departure, en route, alternate, and destination points.

+ Prepare and/or review flight plans and aircraft ensure aircraft performance parameters are within tolerances.

+ Collaborate with other Crewmember in review Flight Risk Assessments for each leg and determine proper mitigation.

+ Ensure that the aircraft is clean and stocked at the end of each flight and prepared for every flight.

+ Responsible for ensuring all catering is coordinated in a timely fashion to correspond with flight requirements.

+ Participate in the Safety Management System (SMS) by identifying, reporting, and assisting in mitigations of safety related issues.

+ Provide timely input on safety related topics and apply appropriate checklists while making decisions.

+ Provide exceptional customer service while assisting with passenger needs when they are onboard company aircraft.

+ Maintain a culture of safety with effective procedures that support customer service.

+ Complete all required Company, Departmental, Regulatory, and Aircraft specific training at the specified intervals.

+ Perform duties as Pilot Flying and Pilot Monitoring, as needed.

+ Rotational “on-call” schedule including days, nights, weekends, and holidays.

+ Non-flying duties as prescribed by the Chief Pilot.

Key Responsibilities


+ Minimum 3,000 hours of total flight time


+ CL-30 Type-Rating

+ 1,000 hours jet preferred

+ Bachelor’s degree in Aviation

+ EFIS (Electronic Flight Information System) and FMS (Flight Management System) knowledge

+ 2 years of Corporate flying experience

Certificates, Licenses, and Registration

+ FAA Airline Transport Pilot with Multiengine Land

+ FCC Restricted Radiotelephone Operator License

+ US Passport with ability to clear US Customs unencumbered

+ Valid State issued Driver’s License

Functional Competencies

+ Must be able to pass and maintain FAA Class 1 physical examination

+ Must maintain a professional appearance and demeanor

+ Highly organized with attention to detail

+ Strong analytical, critical thinking, interpersonal, human relations, and communication skills

+ Must live within a one-hour drive of Memphis International airport (MEM)

+ Preemployment and random drug testing

Core Competencies

+ Puts Customers First

+ Provides WOW! Customer service every time, every where

+ Understands customer needs and solves their problem

+ Shows sense of urgency in correctly meeting customer needs

+ Team Player

+ Is a reliable and supportive team member

+ Values the ideas and opinions of others

+ Gives recognition for good work

+ Builds strong relationships with others

+ Resolves conflict effectively

+ Steps in and assumes leadership roles when needed


Certificates, Licenses, and Registrations

cates, Licenses, and Registrations