04 November 2022

Executive Jet Management | G-V Captain

Van Nuys, CA, United States
Min Total Time: 3500
Min Multi Engine Land: 1500

Total flight time: 3500 hours

Multi Engine Land (MEL): 1500 hours

Pilot in Command: 2000 hours

PIC MEL: 500 hours.

We are seeking qualified Pilot in Command candidates for a G-550 aircraft based in Van Nuys, CA (VNY). This a 2 pilot account supported by a dedicated Maintenance Technician and Flight Attendant flying less than 250 hours per year. This account flies both owner-affiliate as well as some retail Part 135, offering excellent quality of life and competitive pay.

Receive initial briefing from the Flight Center to include:determine assigned crewmembers meet all regulatory and rest requirements; Show time/departure; Fixed based operators; Flight distance/estimated flight time/estimated fuel burn; Passenger information; Catering, transportation and any special requests; Noise abatement and curfew procedures; Security issues; Airport limitations. The PIC will brief and assign duties to the Second-in-Command, but always retains responsibility for task completion. He or she will include information regarding weather, the flight plan route, flight delays, aircraft performance, obstacle clearance, security issues, and passenger considerations as well as any other pertinent information in the briefing.