24 May 2022

Dalton Aviation Inc. | Captain

PC12 Type Qualification
A Valid PPC
* Minimum of 500 PIC hours

Minimum 1500 total flight hours including a minimum of 500 hours of turboprop aircraft (single or multi-engine)

Valid Canadian ATPL or CPL with SARON/SAMRA passed
Annotation of Flight Instrument Group 3
Positive leader, recognized for interpersonal abilities (Interpersonal relationship and communication/teamwork);

Demonstrates resilience, and maintains a positive attitude in a climate of uncertainty and ambiguity (Adaptability, Ability to manage stress/emergencies/Action)

Demonstrates a strong analytical mind to make good decisions in a complex situation.
Professional ethics, rigors, concern for quality and safety.
Master information and communication technologies

French and English professional level.
Knowledge of technological tools (tablet, computer, etc.)
Knowledge of different software (Word, Excel, Outlook)

NOTE; Pilot profiles with a significant number of hours as a first officer will also be considered.