21 September 2022

Clay Lacy Aviation | G-V Captain

We are currently seeking a Captain for our Part 91 G450 based in Addison, TX. While typed Captains are preferred, individuals with strong qualifications will be considered. Candidates must reside within a two-hour drivable commute distance or be willing to relocate to satisfy this requirement.

The opportunity features an upgraded compensation plan and a matching 401(k) plan.

All applicants must submit to a pre-employment drug screen and background check.

* Requirements include 3,500 hours of total time, 2,000 hours of PIC time, and 1,000 hours of Turbine time.

* FAA ATP required.

* Type Certification with a minimum of 200 hours in type is preferred but not required.

* Must reside within a two-hour drivable commute or able to relocate. This is not a commutable position.

* Unrestricted ability to travel to all EU, Canada, and Caribbean countries

* Comply with all Federal Aviation regulations, company operations manual, operations specifications, standard operating procedures, and company policies & procedures.