11 July 2024

Air Arabia | A320 First Officer

Pakistan, United Arab Emirates

Important Information

We have an exciting opportunity to share from our group company, Fly Jinnah - Pakistan's newest airline. We are currently seeking skilled A320 Type-rated First Officer to join our team on a fixed-term contract.

Contract Duration:

  • 15-months fixed period contract renewable on mutual agreement for further period.
  • Approx 3 months initial training followed by 12 months of flying duties.

Key Result Responsibilities

  • Performs as the ‘Pilot Flying’ or the ‘Pilot Monitoring’, assists the Captain in managing flight deck work by monitoring the flight progress, efficiency of operating systems, and performance of other cockpit crew members.
  • Conducts flights in accordance with the detailed provisions of the Airline’s Operations Manual and regulations. At all times applies and monitors the procedures necessary to ensure the safe and smooth operation of the aircraft assigned.
  • Coordinates with Captain and Dispatch Team prior to each flight to ensure flight/cabin crew members are well prepared and provided with required information, this includes aircraft technical status, route preferences, weather, fuel, weight, distribution of roles, etc.
  • Carries out necessary checks, records, and documentation tasks assigned to him/her for conducted flights such as take-off data and fuel requirements, ATS flight plan, etc.
  • Uses adopted systems and forms to record data such as log book, CFP, and others; verifies calculated data with assumed ones and obtains Captain’s signature accordingly.
  • At stations without qualified personnel, checks the fuel type and supervises the fuelling of the aircraft, ensuring proper distribution of fuel.
  • Alerts the Captain with any irregularities or unfavourable variables that may affect safety; applies necessary actions as instructed by Captain and assists the crew on how to react in case of safety or security irregularities.
  • Undertakes additional, ground based tasks such as Safety Officer or Security Officer, as directed by the Head of Flight Operations and in accordance with the provisions of Part A of the Airline’s Operations Manual.

Work Experience

  • He/she must have completed a minimum of 500 hours of flying an aircraft, Airbus 320 is preferred.
  • Experience with low-cost airline is highly desirable.
  • Possesses acceptable industry knowledge in aircraft systems and operating procedures.
  • He/she must possess needed knowledge and exposure to handle any other role delegated to him/her such as security or safety related roles as required by the airline and respective civil aviation authority standards.
  • Exposure to QA/Safety/Security/Audit procedures and practices related to and affecting Flight Operations.

Salary and Benefits

Monthly Salary During the Initial Training:

  • During the Training period (Until the Final Line Check) you will be paid AED 12,853 (Equivalent of US$ 3,500) (Net Salary) per month (Pro-rated for the part of the month) plus Per diem
  • Monthly Salary after Training / Final Line Check: (For Up to 60 Block hours in a month) AED 20,199 (Equivalent of US$ 5,500) / per month (Net Salary) plus Per Diem

Flying pay above 60 block hours in a month:

  • Every block hour above 60 block hours in a month will be paid @ AED 275 (Equivalent of US$ 75)

Per Diem:

  • AED 184 (Equivalent of US$ 50) per day (On an average of US$ 1,500 per month), will be paid towards food and other miscellaneous expenses.


  • The Airline shall pay for and provide suitable hotel accommodation for Crew Member during the contract period – Bed & Breakfast basis only.


  • You will be provided with suitable ground transportation from Accommodation to and from Airports/Office for all rostered flight duties.


  • The company shall arrange and pay for economy class tickets at the commencement and end of the contract along with up to 50 kilos of baggage allowance.
  • Unlimited standby tickets on Air Arabia group network during the contract period.
  • After completion of 6 months, you will be eligible for MYID travel benefits.

Uniforms / Laundry:

  • You will be provided with uniforms and laundry service for the duration of the contract.

Roster & Day off:

  • The Airline may roster the crew member for up to the maximum duty time allowed by the respective CAA.
  • You will be eligible for 30 days of annual leave in one calendar year.
  • The Airline shall do its best to schedule as many consecutive days off (above the minimum) as possible.

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