19 July 2022

Pacific Coastal Airlines | First Officer

We are hiring First Officers to operate our Saab 340's out of our Calgary and Vancouver bases.

- September Ground School
- New Pay Scale

* Minimum 750 hours' + total time
* CPL with IATRA or ATPL (IATRA must be completed within last 18 months)
* Current Group 1 Multi Engine IFR
* Valid Category 1 Medical Certificate

* Ability to travel away from home, including overnights
* Flexibility to work varying shifts

* Ability to obtain and maintain a Restricted Area Identity Card
* Must be Canadian citizen or Canadian permanent resident
* Ability to travel to/from the USA without restrictions
* Ability to lift 50 pounds unassisted

Preferences will be given to candidates with qualifications beyond the minimum requirements

- Applicants with Multi-Engine PIC Hours
- Applicants with 2 crew multi engine experience
- Applicants with Turbine Time in 600/702/703/704/705 operations
- Graduate of a recognized degree program

- Aviation College degree or diploma
- Flight experience in addition to the minimum
- Commercial or military flight experience