29 January 2024

Omni Air Transport | First Officer

Position: Home Based Lear 45 SIC (current and qualified only please)
Schedule: 8 ON / 6 OFF. Crew change on our day, not yours.
Flying: Crew change every Tuesday, 400 hours per year, primarily domestic operation


We are seeking homebased current and qualified Part 135 LR45 type rated first officers.

The ideal candidate will have exceptional leadership skills, work well with pilots/ principals and be an experienced Learjet first officer. Pay is commensurate with experience.

Well qualified candidates will have an ATP License, more than 2500 hours, 750 PIC jet, impeccable customer service skills, and solid work history. The ideal candidate will also have a solid understanding of business aviation, have a strong work ethic, pay close attention to detail, and adapt to new technology.




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