20 July 2022

GlobalX | A320 First Officer

United States
Captains at Global Crossing Airlines (GlobalX) are responsible for the safety and timely operations of aircrafts. They are leaders with a focus not only on safety but on teamwork and possess a “we before me” mind set successfully creating an effective and humble one-crew experience that achieves exceptional results. Our pilots not only understand the value of our customers but thrive to build customer loyalty and trust by communicating directly and authentically with care, kindness and respect.


* FAA Airmen Certificate
* FAA First Class Medical Certificate
* Valid FCC Radiotelephone Operator’s permit

* Airbus 320 Type rating preferred
* Must have a minimum of 1500 hours total time

​​​​​​​* Authorized to work in the United States
​​​​​​​* Ability to maintain a valid passport

​​​​​​​* Ability to travel unrestricted to and from the United States
​​​​​​​* Excellent oral and written communications skills in English