24 June 2022

West Atlantic | B737 First Officer

United Kingdom

Position Type: Permanent, Full-Time

Department: Week On, Week Off

Location: East Midlands Airport

Responsible to: Pilot Manager

Role Summary


Academic/Qualification Requirements

Required Skills/Experience/knowledge:


Salary for First Officer- £37,522

Per Diems £1.85 per hour away from base (at present this is 75% is tax free)

Mileage Allowance £2.29 per day and £4.58 per night

Training - Successful Applicants will attend an Operators conversion course. Costs will be borne by the Company but the crewmember will sign a 1-year loan agreement. If the crewmember fails to pass the type rating, the crewmember will be liable to repay all training costs incurred.