22 May 2022

Pacific Sky | DHC6 Pilot

Piloting aircraft and supporting the day-to-day flight operations in a manner that meets or exceeds service expectations of the customer while ensuring compliance with Canadian Air Regulations and other regulatory authorities.

Providing a thorough understanding of customer requirements with the ability to provide creative solutions and options, where required, to meet the objectives of each mission.

Performing the duties of Captain and/or First Officer on type approved aircraft, as assigned from time to time.

Conducting risk analyses and SMS reviews for flight operations with a focus on continuous improvement.

Supporting accident / incident / hazard investigations as required.

Establishing and maintaining metrics for measurement of flight operation activities.

Completing all required documentation in a timely manner, including flight logs, tracking sheets, SMS reports and required financial reports.

Supporting and implementing Pacific Sky strategic business objectives.

Contributing positively to the culture, growth and strategic direction of the company.
Performing other duties directly for PSAI’s customers or as directed by the Chief Pilot or PSAI General Manager.