19 February 2024

Best Jets International | EMB170 Flight Attendant

St Paul, MN, United States

EMB-170 Flight Attendant

Best Jets International is seeking qualified Flight Attendant's to join our EMB-170 program. This is a Full-Time Position based at KSTP with a 10 on, 5 off rotation.


-Must have corporate aviation service experience -Must live within 2 hours of KSTP base

-Medically fit and physically capable of fulfilling the duties specified.

-Be familiar and comply with all regulations, procedures, policies, instructions and orders pertinent to the performance of their duties.

-Must hold a high school diploma or equivalent and be at least 18 years of age.

Duties and Responsibilities:

All Flight Attendants will be responsible for maintaining a good working knowledge of all applicable Federal Aviation Regulations and information contained in BJI General Operations Manual (GOM) and Cabin Crewmember Manual.

They will also be responsible for:

-Safe and efficient operation of company aircraft while complying with all applicable 14 CFR’s, company operations polices and procedures, safety, quality policies; and best practices.

-Determining that the aircraft is clean and stocked, prior to accepting it for flight; -Responsible for the Interior preflight and Interior post flight inspection of the aircraft;

-Demonstrating the use of safety and emergency equipment;

-The welfare and safety of passengers on board the aircraft;

-Advance planning and trip preparation;

-Keeping their manual current to the last revision issued.

-Additional responsibilities and duties assigned by the Manager of In-Flight Services.

Salary: Depending on Experience


-Health and Dental Insurance

-401K with Employer Match Program

Please send all resumes to: see our website for contact details


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