15 June 2022

VietJet | Flight Attendant

Cam Ranh, Khánh Hòa, Vietnam, Viet Nam

Job Description

a) Assisting the management team in assessing the requirements for CC such as grooming standards, proficiency knowledge as well as welfare of the team

b) To conduct any other duties as and when required by each division heads and CCD Management Team.

c) Gives recommendations to respective heads in the organization, including: research into making organizational model, functions and duties of each section, working processes of internal CCD according to decentralized administration and perform.

d) Coordinate to control trainee’s practice of Group and propose appropriate on the job training method for each CC.

e) Taking part in assessing process of CC; Participate in the meetings to evaluate, to reward and to discipline the CC under each Group’s management and handle flight reports of the group to respective division heads.

f) Summarize and keep a close watch in commending and disciplining of CC under respective groups.

g) Assist the CCM in all activities related to operation, input and suggest how to solve general issues at work of CCD.

h) Participate in making and directing the performance of rules, regulations, internal management processes, safety procedures, and processes of cabin crew to ensure with the general provisions of the Company to perform assigned tasks.

i) To monitor, evaluate and propose solution to improve the process service of cabin crew including standards and supplies of catering equipment’s.

j) Perform other tasks assigned by CCM.

k) Summarize and provide personal information of cabin crew in the group, propose to the leaders of CCD arising issues that need to be solved.

l) Perform periodic or unscheduled reports according to functions and tasks.

m) Responsible to have a CC appraisal done at least once in 12 months for each team.


a) A Bachelor Degree in any field

b) A minimum of 3 years flying experience as Purser and above

c) Previous experience in a customer service based role

d) Experience of delivering results through large work groups would be an advantage

e) Have essential soft skills to create and implement standard practices in line with corporate policy, legal and service standards

f) Strong leadership skill

g) Required minimum 30hrs flying duty/observation each month