05 July 2022

Ravn Alaska | First Officer

United States

The successful candidate has excellent customer service skills, team member qualities, and leadership competencies, in addition to the required certifications and experience the position requires. They must also be willing to live and work within one hour of the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport.

Other qualifications include:

* Must possess High School Diploma/GED.
* Must meet the applicable Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) minimums as specified in 14 CFR Part 61 for either an ATP or Restricted ATP (R-ATP).

* Must have a valid First Class Medical.

* Must not have a record of any FAA ‘Certificate Action’ or ‘Administrative Action’ within the prior 24 months.

* Must have a valid US Passport and be able to travel in and out of the US, including to Canada.

* Must be located in Anchorage, Alaska or be willing to relocate within 30 days if not already residing within one (1) hour of Anchorage.

* Must be fluent in English, and able to communicate in a professional manner both verbally and in writing.