10 January 2023

PSA Airlines | First Officer

United States
PSA’s limited time sign-on bonus has been EXTENDED through January.

Experienced Pilots with 500 - 949 hours receive a $75,000 sign-on bonus. Secure your seat in one of our upcoming classes today.

Experienced First Officer Requirements:

* FAA Pilot License / First Class Medical
* Must have FCC Restricted Radio Operator's Permit

* Must have 500 FAR 121 hours under the
ATP requirements or the restricted ATP

* Will have a minimum of 2500 total flight hours
with at least 500 hours of PIC or at least 950
hours as SIC

* Will have at least 500 hours Multi-Engine Turbine

* Must be in possession of a valid US or Foreign
Passport with applicable VISAs prior to training.

* High school diploma or equivalent

* Must be able to demonstrate authorization to work
in the US.

* Must be able to speak, read and write English

NOTE: Part 129 or foreign PIC/SIC experience is not applicable to FAR § 121.436 for PIC requirements


To be successful at PSA, you should be:

Engaging Communicator
Results Driven


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