02 November 2023

Netjets | First Officer

London, United States
Title: Second in Command (NJE) 1
Company: NetJets Management Limited
Area of Interest: Crewmembers

London, GB, W8 5EH

Req ID: 11603
Purpose of Position

To support the commander of the aircraft in ensuring safe flights at all times while providing the best customer service possible in order to ensure customer satisfaction and owner retention.

Tasks and Responsibilities
  • Confirm if the aircraft is operational to safely perform the flight by conducting pre-flight inspections, assuring compliance with operational procedures and checklists in accordance with the Operations Manual, checking if necessary equipment is serviceable according with configuration aviation list or minimum equipment list and reviewing and checking the aircraft weight and balance, fuel on board, and performance charts;
  • Operate the aircraft in an efficient and safely manner to assure the safety of the passenger and guarantee compliance with aviation regulations;
  • Ensure that the aircraft is cleaned and prepared for flight with all provisions (e.g. catering, magazines, newspaper, etc.) on board for the safety and comfort of the passengers;
  • Provide NetJets Owners with a high level of service, supporting them during the arrival, departure and in-flight (e.g. receive the Owners at the airport and escorting them to the aircraft, carrying their luggage, serving catering, etc.) to guarantee an exceptional and personalized service that fulfils their special requirements and needs;
  • Forward concerns to the Commander if it’s necessary to start, delay, or cancel flights and deviate the flight from planned route or destination when operating conditions dictate;
  • Ensure all required documents, manuals and certifications are available and remain updated;
  • Identify potential hazards to the safety of the aeroplane or its occupants to the Commander and if necessary, do not allow passengers to be carried into the airplane who appears to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and take the decision to disembark any person, or any part of cargo that may represent an hazard;
  • Ensure that all passengers are briefed on all safety and regulatory required subjects in accordance with the Operations Manuals;
  • Ensure that the weather forecast and reports for the proposed operating area and flight duration indicate that the flight may be conducted without infringing Company operating minima.
Not Specified
Certifications and Licenses
ATPL (A) License ; CPL (A) License; ME-IR (A) Instrument Rating on EASA License; Valid ELP (English Language Proficiency) Rating on EASA License
Years of Experience
Not Specified
Core Competencies
Strives for Positive Results
Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Other (KSAOs)
  • A minimum of 1500 hours total flight time;
  • Preferably holder of an ATPL (A) License;
  • If not: holder of an CPL (A) License, evidence completed ATPL Theory Course;
  • Preferably, but not mandatory: Holder of a Valid MP Rating;
  • Holder of ME-IR (A) Instrument Rating on EASA License;
  • MCC Certificate;
  • As of Jul 2018: One of the following licensing authorities (all others by exception and in coordination with NJE):
    • CHE (Switzerland);
    • GBR (United Kingdom);
    • IRL (Ireland);
    • DNK (Denmark);
    • SWE (Sweden);
    • FIN (Finland);
    • NOR (Norway);
    • AUT (Austria);
    • NLD (The Netherlands);
    • FRA (France);
    • PRT (Portugal);
    • BEL (Belgium);
    • DEU (Germany);
  • Criminal Record (not older than three months. Every entry in the criminal record need to be coordinated and approved by NJE);
  • Holder of a Valid ELP (English Language Proficiency) Rating on EASA License;
  • Nationality EU/EFTA;
  • Unrestricted passport including the right to travel to the USA;
  • European Union class 1 medical
  • Fluency in Business English (written and spoken);
  • Proficiency in MS Office;
  • Maximum height 186cm (6 feet and 1 inch) due to aircraft limitations.

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