07 June 2022

Emirates | Cadet

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Emirates – National Cadet Pilot Programme (U.A.E. Nationals Only)

Emirates is currently recruiting U.A.E nationals to join their cadet pilot programme within the Dubai area. The following information is taken from the Emirates Careers Website :

Job Purpose

We are looking for young and ambitious Emiratis to join the National Cadet Pilot Programme and become the best trained pilots in the world and fly one of the newest and most modern fleets in the sky.

The training will be in Emirates Flight Training Academy, duration of the programme is approximately four years and is divided into three main phases:

– First phase (Foundation Programme): takes place in Dubai at Emirates Flight Training Academy. The duration of this Phase will be 18 weeks and will include Aviation Science courses foundation.

– Second Phase (Flight Training Programme): takes place in Emirates Flight Training Academy for 24 months. This phase will provide approximately 273 hours of flight experience to trainees, and give them a course completion certificate, Commercial Pilot Licence with Multi-Instrument Rating (CPL/multi IR) and Multi Crew Cooperation Course (MCC).

– Third Phase (Conversion and Line training): takes place in Emirates Flight Training Academy. Upon completion of this phase, trainees are ready to fly large jet aircrafts.

Qualifications & Experience

– Candidate should hold a valid UAE passport and Khulasat Al Qaid
– 18 – 26 years old
– Minimum: Grade 12 secondary school certificate – Average score of 80%
– Good command of written and spoken English
– TOEFL: 510
– Military Service Status
– Medically Fit.


– Ministry of Education attestation is required for certificates
– Information on this page is subject to change