03 August 2022

Amway | First Officer

Grand Rapids, MI, US, United States


Job title: First Officer

Department / Division: Aircra ft Administra ti on / Corporate Avia ti on

Loca ti on: Ada, MI

What’s special about this team:

The Corporate Flight team at Amway, provides aircra ft services to Amway Owners, Amway execu ti ves, and other dignitaries. This team is known for polish, professionalism, and service, in the air and on the ground. This is a world class fl ight department se tti ng the highest standards of professionalism, safety and customer service for over fift y years. This team works collabora ti vely to deliver a superior fl ight experience, o ff ering safety and comfort to all passengers. Your fl exibility to accommodate business needs, and your emo ti onal intelligence to adapt to a variety of situa ti ons and individuals, will be valued on this team. You will support global travel, fl ying an average of 14 days a month, with extended overnights required.

How you would contribute to the role:

If you are a professional corporate pilot, and have experience fl ying in a global environment, this role may be for you! You will ensure safety as a priority and will be responsible for the overall opera ti on of the aircra ft , passengers, and crew. You will ensure that all fl ight and ground opera ti ons comply with FAA Regula ti ons, and will prepare the aircra ft for fl ight by pre- fi ght inspec ti ons, fl ight planning, rou ti ngs, fuel requirements, airport requirements, and tra ffi c control. This is a cri ti cal role, as your decisions have direct impact on all passenger and crew safety. This role will have you gone many weekends and some holidays but will o ff er abundant experiences. If you seek a role that o ff ers a premier travel experience, without the hassle of airport terminals, hotel shu tt les, commu ti ng, or jump-seats, consider this role!

Required qualifications:

  • Minimum 5 years, with an ATP and type certification in a jet aircraft
  • FCC Radio License, Valid Driver’s License, and current valid Passport
  • Class I medical certification
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Aviation, Business Management, or a related area pr

Skills to be successful in the role:

  • Ability to work most weekends and holidays, and the ability to support a schedule of approximately 14 days a month away
  • Extensive instrument time and experience in high density operations.
  • Extensive experience with off airport and confined area helicopter operations.
  • High standards for passenger safety, and passenger accommodations

This role is “Not” eligible for sponsorship.