26 May 2024

AirMed | HS125 First Officer

Alabama, United States

Second in Command (SIC) - Hawker 800 - Birmingham, AL

Exciting Opportunity for Experienced Aviation Professionals

Join a dynamic team and embark on a rewarding career as a Second in Command (SIC) operating the Hawker 800. This position, based in Birmingham, AL, offers a competitive salary, attractive bonuses, and the chance to travel internationally.

Compensation and Benefits:

Job Summary:

The Second in Command, acting as SIC for designated flights, ensures the safe and efficient execution of all assigned flight duties in accordance with FAR Part 135 regulations. The SIC provides crucial support to the Pilot in Command (PIC), adhering to their final authority while exercising Operational Control at the Tier 2 level as defined in the General Operations Manual (Chapter 5).


This position operates on a rotating 8 days on, 6 days off schedule. Pilots are assigned to either a day or night duty period (12-hour shifts, or up to the maximum allowed under Part 135 if on mission) with the schedule determined a month in advance to facilitate proper rest cycle planning. While changes within an 8-day shift are possible, every effort is made to maintain consistency for the duration of the rotation.

Minimum Qualifications:

Physical Demands:

This position requires the ability to:


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