28 February 2023

Mark Anthony Group Inc. | Pilatus PC12 SET Captain

At Mark Anthony, we are driven by an unwavering dedication to taste and innovation. We have a history of crafting new to world brands of distinction that have disrupted traditional beverage categories and completely transformed the global beverage industry.

We’re on an outstanding adventure. We’re going where others aren’t, and we’re growing like others can’t as a result. And we want YOU to help write the next chapters with us.

Reporting to the Director, Flight Operations, the P4 Captain / EFB Administrator is responsible for the operation and safety of the aircraft and the safety of all persons on board during flight time. The role will act as Pilot in Command and will have final authority for the disposition of the aircraft during the time in which they are in command.

The P4 (PC12) Captain / EFB Administrator will ensure that adequate security procedures and measures are in place to protect the entire EFB system at both the software and hardware levels. These procedures and measures shall ensure that prior to each flight the EFB operational software works as specified and the EFB operational data is complete and accurate. Additionally, the role will ensure EFB security threats from unauthorized sources are identified and assessed, and that effective EFB security protection strategies are implemented to protect the aircraft from all adverse impacts on safety, functionality, and continued airworthiness.


Skills and Requirements:


At Mark Anthony, we live by our 5 Core Values every day:

Sense of Urgency

Our business moves fast and so do we. We understand the power of now. We have relentless drive and believe if it can be done, we’re the ones who will do it first.


We need to stay real because our brands, our stories and our culture must remain genuine to thrive. When we have the best intentions for all, we create space to be our whole selves and do great things together.


Our lives are complicated enough. So why use 50 words when you can use 5? We thrive in ambiguity and change, but we also know how to translate our goals into simple explanations and actions.


Egos distract us. When we’re humble, we’re open to listen, take feedback and change direction quickly. We’re here for each other, and together we do great things.


We respect and rely on each other. Trust is the backbone of our relationships, and we work hard not to break it. This level of trust allows us to be all-in and take comfort in the support of our teams.


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