29 June 2024

Jet Aviation | G7500 Captain

Oregon, United States

Position Summary:

This long-established corporate flight department operates a Global 7500. This Flight Department operates part 91 /135 with domestic flying as well as international. The pilot in command reports to the Director of Aviation regarding company operating policies and procedures. He/She is responsible for the safe and efficient conduct of the flight assignment with the emphasis on safety, security and quality. Will exercise pilot in command authority of all flights to which they are assigned and are the final authority for the safe conduct of the flight.

Main Responsibilities:

Accountable to the Director of Aviation for the safe conduct of assigned flights. Specific duties include: Checking weather, all applicable NOTAMs where available, and determining fuel, oil and oxygen requirements Determining the aircraft weight and balance; Ensuring that all flight planning requirements have been met; Ensuring that aircraft crew members have valid licenses, medical certificates, passports and visas if and when required; Completing an aircraft pre-flight inspection before each departure; Briefing the passengers in accordance with the requirements specified in section 4.18; Operating the aircraft in accordance with operator procedures and aircraft limitations; Ensuring compliance with customs, immigration and sabotage laws; Completing all post flight duties, including notification to the company of any deviation from the planned itinerary or overnight location; Recording flight times and aircraft discrepancies; Sharing knowledge with SIC, coaching

Ability to professionally communicate with aircraft owner and passengers with a high regard in Service Excellence.

Ability to work with Maintenance crew and fully communicate the needs of the aircraft with the team.


Special Skills :

Physical abilities:

meet standard pilot requirements


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