09 June 2024

Etihad Airways | Flight Attendant

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Aviation Training Specialist

Etihad Aviation Training (EAT)

Etihad Aviation Training (EAT), a leading Approved Training Organization (ATO) based in Abu Dhabi and part of ADQ Aviation & Aerospace Services, seeks a dedicated and experienced individual to join its team as an Aviation Training Specialist.

Role Overview:

This role centers on cultivating the next generation of cabin crew members, ensuring their adherence to stringent safety protocols, commitment to exceptional customer service, and contribution to efficient flight operations.

Key Responsibilities:


About Etihad Aviation Training:

Etihad Aviation Training (EAT) stands as a premier Approved Training Organization (ATO) located in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. EAT delivers an extensive range of aviation training courses and programs encompassing all aspects of pilot, cabin crew, and airport operations. From Ab-initio pilot licenses and Airbus/Boeing type ratings to instructor/examiner training, cabin crew training, English Language Proficiency testing, and First Aid, EAT offers a comprehensive learning experience.

With the recent integration of the Gulf Center for Aviation Studies (GCAS), one of the few centers globally accredited by ICAO, ACI, and IATA, EAT's offerings now include specialized programs focusing on Airport Operations, Aviation Safety & Security, Cargo & Dangerous Goods, and non-aviation training such as Health & Safety, Leadership & Management, and Soft Skills. EAT's state-of-the-art training center boasts 10 Full-Flight Simulators (Airbus and Boeing), 7 Flight Training Devices, and 2 Flight Navigation Procedural trainers, providing a cutting-edge learning environment for aspiring aviation professionals.


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