13 June 2022

Empire Airlines (Fedex, Hawaiian) | C208 Captain

United States

* FAA Commercial Pilot License with SEL and IFR ratings

* Minimum 1200 TT
* Minimum 800 PIC
* Minimum 500 Cross-Country
* Minimum 100 Night
* Minimum 75 IFR (50 actual)

* IFR Current and Proficient
* FAA 2nd Class Medical

* Must have excellent communication skills, both oral and written
* Must adhere to the company’s FAA/DOT required Drug and Alcohol Program


Work is performed outdoors and in an aircraft. Employee will be exposed to inclement weather. This position may require standing, walking, sitting, bending and stooping for extended periods of time. May be required to lift up to 50 pounds. Requires manual dexterity, speaking, seeing and hearing to conduct business. May be required to work in multiple locations.