10 July 2024

EJME | Captain

United Kingdom

Purpose of Position

Lead the flight operations of the assigned aircraft to ensure safety, security, comfort and exemplary service to passengers and proactively collaborates with Executive Jet Management Europe (EJME) management on issue escalation, service needs and strategy.

Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Manage the flight operation of the assigned aeroplanes in accordance with stipulated standards and regulations in order to ensure high standards of safety and quality;
  • Identify and propose a course of action for the improvement of key processes and procedures to enable improved operational excellence outputs.
  • Identify and perform all the required alterations to the fleet's Operation Manual Part B and Cabin Crew Manual to ensure that all the procedures are updated to meet EJME operations standards and ensure constant enhancement of the safety and quality of EJME flight operations;
  • Prepare the roster of the crew members assigned to the aircraft and send it to the company within the established timeline;
  • Perform continual inspection flights to check the performance, professional standards and development of flight crew members and develop and propose, as necessary, improvements to flight operations policies and standard operating procedures.
  • Review the aeroplane equipment of their fleet and keep current on the development of new aeroplane-specific equipment and flight operational requirements in order to ensure that their fleet comply with any future or legal requirements and EJME crew members make best use of available equipment.
  • Publish fleet-specific directives and procedures for crew members, in cooperation with the Director of Flight Operations, in order to ensure they have access to relevant and up-to-date information regarding aeroplane operation;
  • Ensure the publication of the Aeroplane Operating Manual (AOM) in cooperation with the assigned Cabin Crew and Training & Standards department and that pilots have access to the Aircraft Flight Manual (AFM) to guarantee that aeroplanes are economically and efficiently operated, with high levels of safety.
  • Ensure support to the Training & Standards department in the definition of fleet-specific remedial training for crew members;
  • Discuss fleet-relevant maintenance subjects and problems with Maintenance department to ensure the airworthiness of his fleet's aeroplanes and guarantee that operational check flights are performed after an aeroplane has undergone defined maintenance, overhaul work, repairs or adjustments as outlined in the aircraft maintenance programme, in order to assure that a flight with high levels of safety can be conducted;
  • Support the Safety department on all fleet-specific safety investigations whenever appropriate and support fleet-specific measures whenever considered necessary to further develop EJME safety culture.

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Other (KSAOs)

  • A minimum of 3.000 hours total flight time
  • Previous experience as Pilot in Command
  • Airline Transport Pilot Licence with appropriate type ratings
  • European Union class 1 medical
  • Multi-crew experience (500 hours);
  • Pass an upgrade course (Ground school and SIM). Direct Entry Captain on Non Commercial Operations may receive a dispensation to meet this requirement;
  • Complete line training as a captain (including the line check for commercial operations);
  • Extensive European flight experience
  • Clear demonstration of excellent performance;
  • Strong commercial aviation background (EUOPS and/or AIROPS environment is an advantage);
  • Military or airline training is an advantage;
  • Strong leadership skills;
  • Fluency in English (preferably level 6), and a knowledge of two or more European languages is an advantage.

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