30 October 2022

EASPair | Captain

United Kingdom

For new European and Asian Coast Guard and ISR projects, NL EASP AIR is currently looking for (EASA) Type Rated Captains and FO’s with (preferably) a Low Level Endorsement. Type-rated (!) trainees (low hours) are welcome. In specific cases, a TR-training programme with Bond clause is available (however; by invitation only).

The ability to work well in small teams, at remote locations and under pressure, is essential. Flexibility, inquisitiveness and collegiality are essential pillars for smooth operations.

Candidates who believe they qualify for a ‘Fast Track to Command’-position within NL EASP AIR are invited to express their interest.





An EU security clearance application procedure will be part of the selection procedure;

ONLY apply when type-rated or when you think you can motivate enough to qualify, even without a DO328-100TP Type Rating.