22 May 2023

Ameriflight | EMB 120 Captain

Spokane, WA, United States
Min Total Time: 3000
Min Multi Engine Land: 500

Must meet FAR 135.243(c) requirements for PIC in IFR conditions

3,000 TT, 1000 PIC, 500 hours XC (defined at point to point), 500 multi, 500 turbine, 200 hours instrument (50 must be in an aircraft), 100 hours night

Previous FAR121/135 experience.

Ours is a Part 135 cargo airline, we are seeking qualified Captain for EMB-120

The EMB-120 Captain position in GEG is being offered at *5-year Captain Pay with subsequent annual increases in accordance with the company's Pilot Pay Matrix

We operate 2 scheduled EMB-120 flights from GEG

Both flights operate a Monday afternoon out and back.


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