31 October 2022

AirBlue | Captain


Position Qualification Requirements include:

Professional Certificates: Valid ATPL with IR-A (ME) endorsed from PCAA

Other Requirements:

Preference is of type rated and Instructors

Required Skills:

Qualification: Bachelors - Preferred.


A minimum of 5000 flying hours Grand Total with minimum 1000 hrs. (P1) on Transport Jet / Turboprop aircraft with a MTOW Cat B (5700 Kgs to 40,000 Kgs) or higher.

Preference will be given to Type Rated Pilots and/or those having Type TRI/TRE and/or SFI/SFE endorsed on ATPL.

Physical Requirements: Age (Max): 58

Other Physical Requirements: Current and Valid Medical fitness Class-1 from CAA