03 May 2024

VietJet Air | A320 First Officer

Ha Noi (HAN), Viet Nam
Job Description

Formulate a flight plan
Conduct all pre-flight checks to ensure safety
Communicate with air traffic control to request for landing and take-off, or report any information on the flight plan.
Check all the cockpit instruments to ensure proper functioning.
Observe the weather conditions, aircraft position, and air traffic regularly during the flight and request for a change of flight plan if needed.
Collaborate with flight attendants to ensure passengers are following all the rules and regulations onboard.
File reports of the flight trip and status of aircraft before and after landing.


1. Flight time requirements (minimum):
All Aircraft: 4,000hrs
A320F: 1,500hrs
2. General requirements:
Maximum age 60 (Male) and 55 (Female)
Valid ATPL with current A320F type rating
Certificate of Upset Recovery Training in Full Flight Simulator
Valid Instrument Rating and Aircraft Rating
Last flight on A320F must be within 06 months during the licensing period
Valid Class 1 Medical
Letter of authentication from the Civil Aviation Authority of CPL/ATPL's country of origin (with Name and email address of CAA Licensing Officer)
Recommendation Letter / Release Letter from previous airlines
Criminal Record within 6 months (notarized by Vietnam embassy from country of origin)
No history of Accident / Incident within 5 years
Last 5 pages of logbook
ICAO English Level 4 or higher
Passport scan with 01-year validity


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