02 March 2023

Silver Airways | Captain

Florida, United States

Soar with Silver


$92.01First Year Captain Hourly Rate
+ 30% Block or Actual Hours Flown Pay Override (AFW-Based Cargo Ops)
+10% Block or Actual Hours Flown Pay Override (FLL, SJU, TPA Passenger Ops)
$17,000 Sign-on Bonus for All New Hire Pilots
$4,000 Annual High Season Bonus for All Pilots
NEW $10,000 Captain Upgrade Bonus
NEW $30,000 Longevity Bonus after 2 years as Captain
NEW $40,000 Longevity Bonus after 5 years as Captain
NEW $4,000 Quarterly Captain Retention Bonus (AFW-Based Cargo Ops)
NEW $3,000 Quarterly Captain Retention Bonus (FLL, SJU, TPA Passenger Ops)
NEW Quarterly Cash Out for up to 5 Personal/Sick Days at 125%
NEW $300 Monthly Living Allowance for All AFW Based Pilots
Minimal Overnights. Multiple Career Paths. Maximum Earning Opportunity.
Cargo Operations based at Alliance Fort Worth Airport (AFW).
Passenger Operations based at Fort Lauderdale (FLL), San Juan (SJU), and Tampa (TPA)
Per diem $2.15 per hour
Minimum Daily Rate: 4 credit hours
Minimum Monthly Guarantee: 75 credit hours
Deadhead Pay: 100%
401(k) with Company Match
Holiday Pay: 150% multiplier

Minimum Requirements:

Preferred Qualifications:


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