08 September 2023

Executive Jet Management | Captain

Tucson, AZ, United States
Min Total Time: 3500
Min Multi Engine Land: 1500

Total flight time: 3500 hours

Multi Engine Land (MEL): 1500 hours

Pilot in Command: 2000 hours

PIC MEL: 500 hours.

We are seeking qualified Pilot in Command candidates for a CL-605 aircraft based in Tucson, AZ, (KTUS) flying approximately 500hrs/year. The aircraft will operate P91 only with 3 pilots.

Receive initial briefing from the Flight Center to include:determine assigned crewmembers meet all regulatory and rest requirements; Show time/departure; Fixed based operators; Flight distance/estimated flight time/estimated fuel burn; Passenger information; Catering, transportation and any special requests; Noise abatement and curfew procedures; Security issues; Airport limitations. The PIC will brief and assign duties to the Second-in-Command, but always retains responsibility for task completion.


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