24 August 2023

Clay Lacy Aviation | G-V Captain

California, United States

Clay Lacy Aviation pilots are among the very best in the business. Elevating our standards starts with a rigorous evaluation process, which thoroughly tests the procedural abilities and situational awareness of each candidate.

We are currently seeking a Lead Captain Part 91 G-550 based in Van Nuys, CA. The ideal candidate should have a track record of leadership capabilities, demonstrated crew management skills as well as owner communications and management abilities.

Typed and current Captains are strongly preferred, however, individuals with strong qualifications may be considered. Candidates residing within a two-hour drivable commute are preferred. Commuters with a reasonable commute time may be considered.

The opportunity features an excellent upgraded compensation plan, fully paid medical/healthcare, and a matching 401(k) plan.

All applicants must submit to a pre-employment drug screen and background check.

Position: Lead Captain
Aircraft: Gulfstream G-550
Position Type: Full-time only; no contract
Location: Van Nuys, CA
Operation: Part 91, approximately 350 hours annually
Compensation/Benefits: $273,000- $330,000; fully paid medical/healthcare premium.



Positions in this classification are considered safety-sensitive under DOT/FAA drug and alcohol regulations.


Clay Lacy Aviation offers an excellent compensation and benefits package including fully paid medical, dental, and vision, as well as matching 401(K), and more to employees in full-time assigned crew positions.


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