02 August 2022

Avelo Airlines | Flight Attendant

Burbank, CA, United States

Flight Attendant
Burbank, CA Inflight
Job Type Full-time


Come join our growing team! We are seeking energetic, highly-motivated Flight Attendant candidates who want to join a committed group of safety and service professionals at Avelo Airlines. We are a new, high value/low fare airline that is inspiring travel throughout the U.S. Come and be part of the One Crew team providing a great customer experience that our Customers know they can count on at Avelo!

Outcomes and Responsibilities

1.) SAFETY: Ensure the safety, welfare, and comfort of all Customers and other Crewmembers.

  • Contribute to the smooth and efficient operations of all aircraft and flight schedule.
  • Complete incident/safety reporting requirements and submitting timely documentation.

2.) INFLIGHT STANDARDS: Create a caring customer experience on every flight; from boarding to deplaning

  • Be knowledgeable of and adhere to Federal Aviation Regulations and comply with laws, regulations and procedures in all locations where operations are conducted.
  • Attend all training and maintain qualifications as determined by Inflight Leadership.
  • Maintain the Flight Attendant manual, including reading and processing revisions and bulletins upon receipt, possessing assigned, up-to-date manual at duty-in and during all training assignments, and keeping assigned manual accessible at all times during flight.

3.) CUSTOMER AND CREW LEADERSHIP: Build customer loyalty and live our “One Crew” value by cooperating and work effectively with all operational Crewmembers and Avelo leadership.

  • Treat each customer as a unique person with kindness and respect.
  • Contribute to Avelo’s on board service, sales, and revenue generating initiatives.
  • Serve as a customer service, marketing and public relations ambassador.

If you are someone that finds joy in helping and serving others with the ability to deliver genuine customer service, apply today!


  • Must be at least 21 years of age at the start of training
  • Minimum height 5’0” without shoes
  • Maximum height 6’3” without shoes
  • Vision must be at least 20/40 with glasses or contact lenses
  • Ability to physically lift 50 pounds from ground to waist
  • Must be able to accept and relocate to a base assignment at your expense after training
  • Must be able to work a rotating schedule with variable hours of up to 16-hour duty days, including nighttime or overnight hours, weekends, and holidays
  • Must be wiling/able to serve all types of food and beverages (including alcoholic beverages)
  • Must maintain a working telephone number by which they can be contacted as required, and file their address of residence with the Company and maintain its currency at all times
  • Walking forward down aircraft aisle without interfering with comfort of seated Customers
  • Being seated in jumpseat with all belts/restraints fastened, without use of seatbelt extension
  • Maintaining balance while walking and standing during flight
  • Standing, sitting, stooping, bending, reaching, and crouching for long periods of time
  • Pushing or pulling aircraft doors/exits, or food/beverage carts with force of up to 100 lbs.
  • Assist Customers needing assistance during evacuation (e.g., children, disabled, elderly)
  • Must possess and maintain a valid passport and any other required employment-related documents, with ability to freely enter/exit the United States and all locations to/from which Avelo operates for the duration of employment with Avelo Airlines
  • Must be able to understand, speak, read and write English fluently
  • Perform all duties and responsibilities outlined in the Avelo Inflight Services Manual, Company safety manuals, and duties as assigned by the flight Captain or Avelo leadership