04 June 2024

AirMed International | Captain

United States

Pilot in Command

About the Role

This position offers a unique opportunity for a highly motivated and experienced aviator to take on the challenging and rewarding role of Pilot in Command. The Pilot in Command (PIC) holds the ultimate responsibility for the safety and operational efficiency of each flight under their command.



This position operates on a rotating schedule of 7 days on duty followed by 7 days off. While on duty, pilots are assigned 12-hour shifts (up to the maximum allowed under Part 135 if on a mission) and are expected to adhere to the program's designated call-out time. Shifts are assigned a month in advance by the Base Lead Pilot, ensuring pilots have ample time to manage their rest cycles.

Minimum Qualifications

We offer a competitive compensation package and the opportunity to join a dynamic and growing organization.


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