03 January 2023

Vistara | A320 Captain


Work Experience

* Minimum 500 hrs in Command on type after line release
* 05 years of aeronautical experience in the capacity of a pilot

Above mentioned experience should be attained with a Scheduled Operator at the time of joining


* Current Rating on A320

* Pilots to possess current Indian DGCA CPL
or ATPL, FRTO, COP/RTR, IR, Class I Medical

* Pilots should have ability to speak, read, write
and comprehend English language to at least
an ICAO level 4 standard

* Licenses and Medical to be current for a
minimum 03 months at the time of joining

* Last IRPPC on the A320 should be within the
past 2.5 years on the date of joining


* Candidates immediately available to join.


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