31 October 2023

US Bangla Airlines | Flight Attendant


Fly above your limits to join the ranks of the victorious. Join US-Bangla Airlines as Cabin Crew

US-Bangla Airlines, the country’s largest private airline is inviting Female and Male Bangladeshi Candidates to submit applications for the post of Cabin Crew based on the following criteria-

To be a part of our winning team, you need to meet the following requirements:







Language Skill

Medical Fitness

Physical Appearance

Attitude & bearing

Residency Requirement

Marital Status

Job Description


Cabin crew members, enjoy a unique compensation package that reflects the demanding nature of their job and the industry's competitive standards. Cabin crew often receive a range of benefits and one of the most appealing perks is the opportunity to travel extensively, both domestically and internationally. This enables cabin crew to explore the world, experiencing diverse cultures and destinations. Moreover, they typically receive allowances for meals and accommodations during layovers. The combination of competitive salaries and these appealing benefits make a career as cabin crew not only financially rewarding but also personally fulfilling for those who are passionate about aviation and travel. So, join our winning team and enjoy a lucrative salary package (including flying and layover allowance) initially up to Tk. 70,000/- per month with following additional benefits-

Special Note:



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