07 February 2024

Nordic aviation group | ATR42/72 Flight Attendant

Copenhagen, Denmark
Embark on a High-Flying Adventure as a Cabin Crew Member at Xfly: Where Excellence Meets the Sky! Skills and attributes required for Cabin Crew position.
  • At least 18 years of age
  • Completed secondary education
  • No tattoos/ piercings visible while in uniform
  • Valid EU/ FFA/ Swiss passport
  • Fluency in written and spoken English and fluent in at least one of the Scandinavian languages
  • Excellent general health and physical fitness, ability to swim unassisted
  • No criminal records are a must
  • Flexible, open-minded personality, good communication skills
  • A positive attitude, kindness, and empathy
  • Trustworthiness and a sense of responsibility, as well as punctuality
  • Good situational awareness and a can-do attitude to fulfill one’s tasks.
We offer.
  • Cabin Crew training (3.5 weeks for experienced Cabin Crews, free of charge*, equipped with a salary fund)
  • Travel insurance during duty
  • Career opportunities within the group
  • Interesting and responsible job in a multicultural environment
  • Attractive fairs for air travel around the world with partner airlines reserved for aviation professionals only
  • Excellent opportunity to become one of the professionals in the field of aviation
  • Team embracing diversity and inclusion
  • Opportunity to become a brand ambassador for an airline
  • Excellent chance to contribute to the travel experience of leisure and business travelers.
  • Opportunity to travel for a living.
Documentation for application:
  • CV in English
  • Initial Cabin Crew Attestation (EASA Form 142)
  • Cabin Crew Medical (Class 2)
  • Evidence of one year of experience (12 months) operating as a Cabin Crew Member - evidence of block hours needs to be presented
 Full Training
  • Training for cabin crews is free of charge.
  • Training consists of line-training and ground training.
  • Cabin crew training is equipped with a salary fund for participants
  • Training for the experienced cabin crew lasts for 3.5 weeks

File your CV (below) today! Training is provided free of charge* equipped with a salary fund. Working in aviation is your gateway to an exciting career filled with travel, meeting new people, getting to know new cultures, and making a difference in the travel world. Hurry up, because the available positions are limited.


Merit Voog , Senior Cabin Crew at Xfly with 7 years of experience graduating from the Xfly Flight Academy, a starting pilot at today's date :

“ I’ve been working as a Cabin Crew member for 7 years. I like the job because you get to interact with people on a daily basis. You also get to live and contribute to the passengers’ travel experience. You create value for other people and for your colleagues. Every day is different for a cabin crew member, every day is a new and exciting experience. You can fly to a new place every single day. Sometimes you will be flying 3 times a day with a completely new crew, but it’s also exciting.

I am fond of all of my colleagues and I would love to be with them all day long. “Travel for a living” is a perfectly valid expression for my job – the world is wide-open in front of you, you can really say that about this job. In this job, you have to be flexible as you change teams and interact with people. I really recommend this job, plus the career opportunities.”Â

Join our team and grow in your career like Merit did!Â


We are Nordic Aviation Group, a trusted Capacity Provider Airline group owned 100% by the Republic of Estonia, and have grown into the biggest airline in the country. We currently employ over 700 people from 30 different countries and have bases in Tallinn, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Turku, Aarhus, Vilnius, Lisbon, Munich, and Hamburg will be launched in spring. We currently seek to recruit other aviation talents into our team! We operate long-term ACMI production under wet-lease contracts for major airlines within Europe and utilize two successful brands, Nordica and Xfly.

Our current fleet consists of 21 aircraft, split between ATR72-600s, CRJ900s, and A320s, Airbus A320neo aircraft. It is your chance to become a member of our talented and growing aviation team.

With us, passion, talent, and determination converge to create a symphony of success for one of Europe’s major ACMI airlines. Collaborate side by side with industry experts, pioneers, and visionaries, as together we forge a path of groundbreaking achievements. As part of our team, you’ll have the opportunity to shape the future of aviation, working alongside industry experts and making a real impact. Are you ready to take flight toward your dream career in the aviation industry? Xfly and Nordica - leading ACMI airlines of Europe, have incredible opportunities awaiting you.

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*The training is free of charge for those who will commit to work for the airline for at least one year. Those who will choose to quit earlier will be obliged to refund the cost of the training to the employer. Das Vorstehende betrifft weder die deutschen Stützpunkte unserer Fluggesellschaft noch die Arbeitsverträge.


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