01 December 2023

Longreach Aviation Resources | A320 Captain



01-12-2023 2:02

Jetstar Japan has a requirement for Airbus A320 Captains.

These positions are available to both A320 type rated and non-type rated pilots, with or without a JCAB licence.

Pilots holding a JCAB licence will be preferred, with or without an A320 type rating. Pilots without a JCAB licence would need to hold an A320 rating to be competitive, though non-A320 pilots are still able to apply.

Jetstar Japan (JJP) is based out of Narita, Japan, and currently operates a fleet of 24 A320 aircraft and has additional aircraft on order. JJP currently flies 24 routes to 14 domestic and international destinations, with over 100 flights per day.

Longreach Aviation has an office in Japan with local staff that are able to guide you through the application process and assist throughout your time with Jetstar.

If you have any questions then please contact any of our staff who will be happy to answer all of your questions on this or any other position available.


Contract Length: 3 years renewable

A competitive remuneration package, for details please contact us .


JCAB licence holders are welcome to apply.

  1. Minimum 4,000 hrs total flight time
  2. Minimum 3,000 hrs on jet aircraft
  3. Minimum 1,000 hrs PIC on jet aircraft
  4. Minimum 500 hrs PIC on Airbus fly-by-wire
  5. Valid First Class Medical
  6. ICAO English Level 5 or above

Application Procedure

Firstly, please make sure you have registered with Longreach Aviation.
Click here to register.

The application for Jetstar Japan requires the submission of the following documents:

  1. Application Form
  2. Aeronautical Experience Form
  3. Longreach Letter of Appointment
  4. Scanned copies of your personal documents

Please contact us for copies of the above documents.

When completed, please send all documents to brett@longreachaviation.com , whom you can also contact to answer any questions you have.



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