08 February 2024

IASCO global | A330/350 Captain

Job Details
Title: Fiji Airways A330 & A350 First Officers
Location/Base: Nadi International, Fiji
Ref #: F202
Airline: Fiji Airways
Aircraft Type: A330
Rank: Captain & First Officer
Minimum Requirements: A330 Requirements
  1. Valid A330 or A350 type rating
  2. Minimum 2000 total flight hours
  3. Minimum 500 hrs on type, or
  4. Flown on type within last 12 months
  5. Maximum age of 60 at start of assignment
  6. Preferably have the right to reside in the United States, Australia or New Zealand
  7. Valid ICAO ATPL
  8. Valid First Class Medical
  9. ICAO English Level 5 or above
Fiji Airways operates a fleet of A330, A350 and B737NG/MAX aircraft around the New Zealand and Pacific area, plus Los Angeles, Hong Kong and Australian destinations.
These renewable positions are very attractive for those pilots looking to relocate to the Australian and NZ area as Fiji Airways will provide positioning tickets to and from the crew member’s base to Nadi for commencement of duty. Additionally, accommodation and transportation in Nadi is provided by Fiji Airways, or a cash allowance provided in lieu.
Contract Term: 12 months renewable
Benefits: Salary & Benefits: Captains and First Officers: Position Captain First Officer Aircraft Type A350/A330/B737NG A350/A330/B737NG Monthly Service Fee NZD17,428 (70 hours) NZD10,208 (70 hours) Accommodation Allowance NZD2,240 NZD2,240 Operating Base Nadi Fiji Excess Flying Pay Overtime when > 70 hours/month at 125% of the hourly rate Flight Duty Pay NZD10 per block hour Annual Leave 24 days Days off per Month 10 days Insurance Benefits Emergency Medical coverage provided by Iasco Group Travel Benefits Discount travel for pilot and family members on Fiji Airways


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