12 April 2024

Goose Recruitment | CL604/605 First Officer


Goose is looking for an experienced CL604 First Officer to join an international, aviation service provider.


The pilots are planned to be available 20/21 days per month, in blocks of usually 6 ON / 3 OFF or 7 ON / 4 OFF.

This can be altered to fit your particular circumstances to a certain extent, e.g. 7 days ON/ 6 days OFF or the like.

You must be a flexible individual, as you will operate on a floating base principle!

The current crew consists of 2 pilots and 2 medical crew members; It's key to be comfortable to work in a team.

Concerning the roster and availability – You would be required to commute on the day prior your standby period, unless otherwise recommended/authorized by OPS.


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