12 November 2023

Wing Aviation | Captain

Austin, Texas or Houston, Texas, United States

We take immense pride and satisfaction in our team, our fleet, and the partnerships we have forged over the years. ‘ALL CLEAR’ are the two critical words that command our every flight, and we are ready to hire top talent to join our team to soar the blue skies. When it’s all clear, of course!

Join the fastest growing management company in the Southwest United States. Wing Aviation is Houston TX based and this position will be AUS based. The priority of Wing Aviation is to appreciate the pilots that join our team. This is reflected in rapid growth and promotions not only SIC to PIC but also to larger aircraft. Compensation has been a recent focus as well for Wing Aviation, ensuring our pilots are paid at or above industry standard across the board.

Experience Requirements

  • Airman Certificate: ATP
  • Ratings: Appropriate Type Rating
  • Medical Certificate: First-Class, valid for ATP privileges
  • Total Flight Time: 2,500/3,500
  • Pilot in Command: 1,500
  • Multi Engine Land: 500
  • Instrument: 300
  • Time in Type: 200

Pilots are off 8 days a month. Vacation and personal/sick days are included and available upon hire.

Per diem offered for all flight days or overnights

Competitive Medical and disability coverage

Company Credit cards issued to cover trip expenses as well as medical and passport renewal


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