13 June 2022

Wing Aviation | CL604/605 Captain

United States
NOW HIRING: Pilot in Command CL604

Wing Aviation is seeking qualified Pilot in Command candidates for a CL604 aircraft based in Houston, TX. The Pilot-in-Command reports directly to the Chief Pilot or his\her designee, must be thoroughly knowledgeable of and comply with the 14 CFR 91 and 14 CFR 135 Operations, FAA Regulations, Aircraft Flight and Equipment manuals as well as any other information required for each flight.

Certifications and Licenses Required

* FAA Airline Transport Pilot (ATP)
* FAA First Class Medical

Experience Requirements

* FAA Airman Certificate: ATP
* Ratings: Appropriate PIC Type Rating (CL604)
* Medical Certificate: First-Class, valid for ATP privileges

* Total Flight Time: 3,500 (PIC)
* Pilot in Command: 2,000 (PIC)
* Multi Engine Land: 1,500 (PIC)

* Multi Engine PIC: 500 (PIC)
* Instrument: 300 (PIC)
* Turbine Engine: 500 (PIC)
* Time in Type: 200 (PIC)