23 August 2023

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service | Pilot

Min Total Time: 1500

For all grade levels and specializations, candidates must possess a current Commercial Pilot certificate or the appropriate military rating; both meet the requirement. Candidates must have completed at least 1500 hours of total flight time which includes at least 250 hours of flight time as a Pilot-in-Command; at least 75 hours of night flight flying AND at least 100 hours of flying time within the last 12 months. In addition, must have at least 75 hours of instruments flight time and at least 10 of these hours were logged in actual instrument weather. ..

The incumbent will conduct other flying related duties which include: aircraft record keeping; coordination with other Service pilots, the Regional Aviation Manager, Regional Aviation Training Manager and Office of Aircraft Services (OAS); initiation of cyclical and non-scheduled maintenance; refueling and fuel handling; lubrication and cleaning of aircraft; preflight and post-flight activities; weather briefings and flight planning; loading and unloading of aircraft; and de-icing and extensive preparations for winter flights.