20 August 2022

Turkish Airlines | A320 First Officer


Scope of Advertisement

The non-type-rated candidate First Officers or the ones type-rated on one of B737 or A320 regardless of flight hours shall be evaluated within the scope of this advertisement.

General Qualifications

Technical Qualifications

Health Requirements

1. Pilot Recruitment Health Criteria

2.Holding Updated 'Fit for Flight' Health Report

The candidates who are successful in the selection processes are required to obtain a medical report at the employment stage, which is issued within the last 30 days by the Aviation Medical Centers authorized by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation and confirms that they are healthy sufficient to be fit for flight.

Foreign Language Requirement

Received within the last 2 years:

Process Information:

The compliance of the applications filed over the website by the candidates with the advertisement criteria shall be reviewed through the online document check.

The candidates who have passed the preliminary document check stage shall participate in the Document check (the original documents shall be checked), Turkish Airlines In. Aviation English test, and CRM Assessment processes on the 1st day. They shall participate in the Simulator Test and Committee Interview processes on the 2nd day. The candidates who have completed all these processes successfully shall be invited to the health check process.