03 July 2022

True North Airways | Instructor

True North Airways is looking to hire a Chief Flight Instructor.

We are an ever-growing, previously established business based in beautiful Northern Ontario, offering flight training in the classic Cessna 172 on both skis and floats.

Candidate must hold:

* Transport Canada Commercial Licence
* Transport Canada CAT 1 Medical

* Class 1 or 2 Flight Instructor Rating
* Seaplane Rating

The CFI role includes, but is not limited to: training licensed pilots for additional certifications, instructing student pilots in procedures and techniques of flying aircraft and in ground-school subjects such as navigation, radio procedures and flying regulations both on runways and in uncontrolled aerodromes.

An enthusiastic attitude, excellent customer service and adaptability are also considered assets.

Salary to be negotiated based on experience and skill set. Opportunity for crossover flying in the charter flight operations sector is also a possibility for the successful candidate.