15 November 2022

Travira Air | Pilot

Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) License with IFR
type rating in proposed Helicopters type.

other country Pilot Type Rating License holder
shall obtain DGCA license validation approval,
work permits, visas, or other documents that
are necessary for working in Indonesia

* Total 2000 hours on helicopters of which
at least 1500 hours in command

* 350 hours PIC in multi turbine engine Helicopters
* 200 hours PIC on Type
* 30 hours PIC on type last 90 days
* 250 hours instrument flight time

* At least 300 hours experience in
offshore operations

* No Record/history in any serious incident
and/or accident in last 5 years

* Shall have successfully completed every
6 (six) month an initial or recurrent training
program as required by CASR