01 May 2024

Saudia | B737 Captain

Saudi Arabia


Operating aircrafts with full of safety, security, and quality according to approved regulations and procedures.


  • To command assigned aircraft in accordance with procedures laid down in the planning, performance manual, the flight handbook, and to carry final responsibility for the safety and security of equipment, passengers, and crew and for the legality of the flight.
  • Carries out jointly with flight dispatch and load control and holds final responsibility for all pre-flight planning including obtaining the flight-plans. Calculating the correct fuel load defining alternate airports, reading notices to airman (NOTAM) and relevant JEPPESSEN manual, calculating weight and balance, obtaining overfly permission and up to date weather conditions and anything else necessary to ensure the safety, security, and legality of the flight.
  • Cooperate fully with crew scheduling department and checks mail bulletin boards and any special instructions applicable to the flight prior to departure.
  • Carries out assigned aircraft operating duties as defined in the amplified checks list sections of the appropriate aircraft flight handbook, and other relevant sections.
  • Brief deck and cabin crew prior to departure.
  • Carries final responsibility for the safety and security AD conduct of flight deck and cabin crew and maintains a constant traffic watch.
  • Ensure that navigation logs and charts, aircraft log and all other documentation pertaining to the flight is satisfactorily completed.

Required qualifications:

  • Pilot License approved by GACA.
  • First Class Medical Certificate.
  • Total Flying Hours: 5000 hrs.
  • CAT C aircraft Minimum Hours: 1000 hrs , or 500 hrs on type.

Personal CV and GACA Pilot License must be attached.


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