02 May 2024

Saudia | A320 Captain

Saudi Arabia


Operating aircrafts with full of safety, security, and quality according to approved regulations and procedures.

Required qualifications:

  • Pilot License approved by GACA/ ICAO/ FAA.
  • First Class Medical Certificate.
  • Total Flying Hours: 6000 hrs.
    • At least 2000 PIC hours on Type (B777 / A330) D CAT
    • OR 2500 PIC hours of which 1500 on narrow body commercial aircraft with MTOW in excess of 35,000 KGs and 1000 hours minimum on type (B777 / A330) D CAT
    • OR 3000 PIC hours on wide body including Glass Cockpit Jet commercial aircraft with MTOW in excess of 160,000 KGs
    • OR 3000 PIC on A320 family.(For A330 Only)

Required Attachments:

  • National ID / Iqama (For Non-Saudi Passport).
  • Personal CV.
  • The License.
  • Last 4 pages of the Logbook.
  • Authentication/Detection Time "Certificate".
  • No Accident/Incident Letter.
  • Education degree.
  • Transcript.
  • Work Experience Certificate.

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